6 Luxe Ideas for Your Next Happy-Hour Celebration

We all can use a little treat now and then, and all the more when we’ve got a particular reason to celebrate. So whether you’re pumped about nabbing that promotion at work, toasting a loved one’s new home, or even just commending yourself for running that errand you’d been putting off for months—it’s time to give yourself the gift of a little indulgence.

There’s nothing wrong with the usual strategies, of course; gathering with friends at your local spot or hitting up your favorite restaurant for a special night out are fabulous ways to commemorate a special occasion. But for those extra-special somethings (or when you’re just feeling particularly extravagant—no judgment), there are ways to up the ante. Why not book an in-home massage therapist for yourself and your closest friends? Or order in your own all-you-can-eat seafood tower for two—perhaps paired with an elegant Chivas Gold Rush cocktail, which is basically opulence in a glass.

Sometimes being a little extra is the only answer. Read on for some seriously luxurious ways to celebrate in style.

Kyle Ford

Shell Out for a DIY Seafood Tower

What could be more extravagant than a towering display of lobster tails, king crab legs, shrimp, and oysters? Perhaps a towering display that’s entirely for you. Some gourmet food-delivery services offer ready-to-go seafood towers that just require a bit of prep and assembly when you’re ready to serve (tower, alas, generally not included). If that’s not enough (and why should it be?), add a tin of caviar to the mix, enjoying indulgent spoonfuls atop olive oil potato chips—because that’s exactly what you deserve. Pair your seafood extravaganza with Chivas‘s signature Gold Rush cocktail, an upscale and opulent whiskey-sour riff that blends the brand’s Chivas XV Scotch whisky (aged for 15 years before a portion is finished in cognac casks) with lemon juice and honey syrup.

close up shot of woman receiving massage at luxury spa

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Book an In-Home Massage

We love a spa day, but what we love even more is a spa day where we don’t have to leave the house. A number of apps allow you to book a licensed, vetted massage therapist straight to your home or office (now that’s a flex…), offering multiple services ranging from deep-tissue massage to injury-prevention sports massage. They’ll bring everything they need to get to work, including the massage table—all you have to do is light your favorite scented candle and put on some calming meditation music. Oh, yes, and relax.

medium shot of room service tray with breakfast on unmade bed in hotel

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Treat Yourself to a Staycation

Perhaps you already have a big, comfy bed at home and a plush bathrobe hanging in your closet, but something just hits different when you’re appreciating those amenities at a luxury hotel. Consider booking a room at one of your finest local options (with a king-size bed, of course). Don’t skimp on the services, either: Take a long bath, lounge about in slippers and a robe, order everything your heart desires from room service, and enjoy the night at your home (not very far) away from home. Real life can wait until tomorrow.

set of perfume samples

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Host a Fragrance Party

Many high-end perfumers sell sample kits so you can try out their unique scents at home and get a feel for which fit your taste best. Send invites to a few friends, order a kit (or have everyone bring a different sample collection), and spend the evening discovering your new signature scent. Prep with a pack of blotter strips for sampling, and set a bowl of coffee beans out to smell between spritzes; it’ll help reset your palate.

talented chef preparing modern food creations for bachelorette dinner

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Outsource Dinner to a Private Chef

Hiring one for the night is easier than ever, but it will always feel like the height of luxury to let someone else take care of dinner for the night—especially without having to go out. If you’re a food lover, you can help craft your own custom menu featuring favorite dishes and flavor profiles. Or simply let the professionals handle it—that is, after all, what they’re there for.

shot of an unrecognisable woman covering her face with flowers in living room

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Buy Yourself Some Flowers

Nothing says “congratulations” quite like a fresh bouquet—but why are we always waiting for someone else to buy one for us? Take your celebration into your own hands by ordering yourself the most elaborate, overflowing flowers you can find. Plenty of companies ship nationwide, but your local florist may also have some gorgeous options for delivery. Have them dropped off on the day of your celebration, and put them front and center in your home, so they remind you of your accomplishments every time you walk by. If you’re after something more interactive, throw a floral-arranging cocktail party: Batch your favorite drink—perhaps another Chivas Gold Rush?—and purchase a few bundles of assorted flowers. Then throw on a tutorial and embark on your own stunning works of floral art.