Gisele Bündchen on Tuning Out the Noise and Living Her Truth

Gisele Bündchen’s name has been on billboards, international magazine covers, TV screens, and unfortunately, plenty of gossip columns since she was a young teen, so by now, the supermodel doesn’t let the noise distract her.

While Bündchen has been lying low for years, focusing on her family, her divorce in 2022 from the father of her two kids, former NFL star Tom Brady, brought a lot of that noise back.

“I can’t really worry about what other people say about me because what they say about me is none of my business. It’s really their business that they’re trying to project onto me,” she tells Harper’s Bazaar in our February cover story. “If I’m going to be affected by that, I’m never going to live my truth.”


These days, Bündchen is living between Florida, Brazil, and Costa Rica—her happy place. She has a wellness cookbook coming out this spring and has made a triumphant return to modeling.

“I had this friend of mine in Costa Rica,” Bündchen says. “He passed away now. He was amazing. He was 76 years old. And he said to me, ‘Gisele, when the blame or the praise of millions of people doesn’t faze you, then you are free.’ When you’re trying to be this person who tries to please and tries to be accepted and tries to get that from the outside world, you’re never going to be truly who you are.”


Rosa Sanchez is the senior news editor at Harper’s Bazaar, working on news as it relates to entertainment, fashion, and culture. Previously, she was a news editor at ABC News and, prior to that, a managing editor of celebrity news at American Media. She has also written features for Rolling Stone, Teen Vogue, Forbes, and The Hollywood Reporter, among other outlets.