The 10 Best Scalp Massagers Worth Adding to Your Wash Day Routine

The 10 Best Scalp Massagers to Shop in 2023Ask just about any hair expert, and they’ll likely agree that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. The scalp, after all, is an extension of the skin on our face, and needs just as much TLC to flourish—which is where the best scalp massagers come in. These tools deliver many of the same benefits as a good gua sha to the face, and on top of feeling deeply relaxing, can also help with hair thinning and overall loss. Plus, most scalp massagers can be used on any hair texture, making them a must-have.

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At minimum, scalp massagers are key in helping to boost circulation and reduce blood pressure. Medical physiologist and WeThrivv co-founder Sanjay Batra tells Bazaar that scalp massages are key for relaxing tiny muscles that tense under daily stress. “Those small muscles pull on the scalp when they get tense, which can lead to reduced oxygen and nutrient supply, and prevent free radicals and other byproducts from escaping the scalp,” he explains. “By practicing regular massage, focusing on the sides mostly, the muscles relax, and circulation is restored.”

If you’re hoping to enhance relaxation or jump-start a thicker, fuller hair routine, look no further than our list of the best scalp massagers, below.


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