The 11 Best Hair Masks for Hydration, Repair, and More

11 Best Hair Masks for Hydration, Damage Repair, and MoreThe best hair masks may not get as much use as your daily leave-in conditioner, but they’re still an essential part of any healthy hair routine. These staples come in handy to keep hair feeling soft, fortified, and moisturized—particularly during seasonal weather changes. They also provide extra nourishment during more compromising hair changes, like the addition of dyes or other chemical treatments.

Some of the best masks contain highly moisturizing and reparative ingredients that melt deeply into the hair’s cuticles, in ways many classic conditioners can’t always do. “Hair masks are meant to penetrate the hair shaft, delivering concentrated ingredients to help repair damage, hydrate, strengthen, and nourish from the inside,” celebrity stylist Mark Townsend tells Bazaar. “Masks help seal the cuticle tight, leaving the hair softer, shinier, and less tangled.”

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So, what’s the difference between a mask and a conditioner? “I think of conditioners as quick fixes, whereas masks help with longer-term goals of healthy hair,” Townsend adds. As with conditioners, there are hair masks that work across a range of hair types and textures, even on fine hair—but if you need a mask that meets specific texture needs, there are options for those, too. For example, Jan Spagnuolo, stylist director at the Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa in New York City, suggests that anyone with finer hair texture use lighter formulas that won’t weigh hair down, applying them sparingly to avoid greasiness.

Here, we asked professionals to share a few of their favorite hair masks to recommend to clients, featuring top picks from brands like K18 and Rita Hazan, suitable for just about every hair type and concern.


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